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    Block production avenues for free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property for all mankind.

Brief About Us

How We Impact Others?

EOS India is dedicated to put aside old ideas about what is possible. We work in partnership with eos community to support constitution and responsibly lead the lives they choose. We have a life-long commitment to the people we serve. Our success will eventually be measured by how little we are needed.

EOS India is needed in societies where corruption is rewarded and honesty is a self-sacrifice. People should know that they can make super gains from being honest too. We've listened to the way some young people talk about corrupt politicians and internet fraudsters. Young people may mistake financial gains with real success.

As a block producer candidate, we can impact EOS community positively because it incentivizes community development and good social interactions. If you're antisocial and you don't care about the next human being you are not going to make it in EOS. So we postulate that a lot of people would pretend to care until they actually do care.

Vision (The Dream)

Thinking Bigger For A Thriving, Self-Governing Democracy

Many of us have been wondering what we can do in response to the latest election with the greater purpose of preserving and supporting democracy for all. Typically, we want to take action, which of course is needed. But we forget that the quality and impact of our actions are based on who we are, how we think, and the level of maturity (consciousness) we have developed.

In our practice, a core platform we use to build and guide healthy organizations is EOS block production. Contrasting our typical way of thinking to EOS India, sets the stage for learning healthy ways to think and act to sustain democracy.


Mission (The What And Why)

Looking For Exclusive Digital Services?

The mass adoption EOS protocol provides large businesses with software tools to run their infrastructure with free spirit to secure life, liberty, and property for all mankind. We guarantee an opportunity to offer you a spot in this revolution and democratize all decisions that will be made. Our mission critical initiatives to be community friendly with all constitutional jurisdictions, we ensure to contribute as best as we can to share this common vision we have for our future.

EOS India mission is to reinvent the DNA of entrepreneurship around the world by providing a shared infrastructure, offering easy-to-use, highly functional tools to make block chain available to every person or organization that can benefit from it.

Openness, accountability, and honesty

Our Objectives

fully responsive

(How Much Of What Will Be Accomplished By When)

Transparency/Enacting As A Block Producer -
Openness, accountability, and honesty define community transparency. In a free society, transparency is community's obligation to share information with token holders. It is at the heart of how stake holders tackle their block producers accountable. EOS India transparency is traditionally broken into three different types - proactive disclosure, requesting public records, and campaign finance disclosure.

Block producers exist to serve the community. Information on how block producers conduct the business and spend block rewards money for network expansion must be readily available and easily understood. This transparency allows EOS India good and just governance.

Defining GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance -
While many experts disagree on a standard definition for Governance, Risk and Compliance, EOS India strictly adheres following principles:

  • Understand and prioritize stakeholder expectations.
  • Set business objectives that are congruent with values and risks.
  • Achieve objectives while optimizing risk profile and protecting value.
  • Operate within legal, contractual, internal, social, and ethical boundaries.
  • Provide relevant, reliable and timely information to appropriate stakeholders.
  • Enable the measurement of the performance and effectiveness of the system.

Education & Awareness - Education that opens people's eyes and minds to the realities of the globalized world and awakens them to bring about a world of greater justice, equity, and human rights for all. EOS India envisions a common future with better life conditions for all, connecting local and global perspectives. Raising awareness on EOS ecosystem and providing information through various media or through civil obedience.

Strategies (The How)
Block Producer Technology Stack:
EOS India

Block Producer Candidacy

We take immense pride to be a EOS.IO block chain block producer candidate. Our infrastructure strategy is cloud first, providing jurisdictional and geographic diversity,while giving back EOS community and ecosystem a reliable governance described below. Here are some great reasons to vote for us!


What Change Will Happen

Our Plans

Action Plan (What Change Will Happen; Who Will Do What By When To Make It Happen)

Technology Plans by June 3, 2018
Amazon Cloud (AWS) to host primary full node & backup/secondary standby full nodes located in different availability regions for HA & Load balancing. We adjust hardware specifications to scale-up and out based on community consensus and recommendations from Block. One, fellow block producers and demand-based requirements

Expected Location Of Servers
Amazon Cloud (AWS) to host primary full node & backup/secondary standby full nodes located in different availability regions for HA & Load balancing.

Technical Specifications
Proposed technical specifications and total expenditure of resources for BP.
Notes: Due to AWS's geographical hardware limitations, 4TB RAM is currently not available in AWS's Mumbai (Asia Pacific) region.EOS.io has not yet defined the EOS Storage contract, the BP storage requirements may be upgraded and are subject to change if deemed valuable to the community.

Common Hardware Specifications
Geographical Region: Mumbai, India
Geopolitical Region: APAC
Operating System: Ubuntu Server 16.10

If EOS India is "appointed" as Block Producer, only 1 Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance will be running the main BP for the duration of the first election.

Nodes 1x EC2 (x1.32xlarge)
vCPUs 128 Cores
Memory 2TB RAM
Storage (IPFS) 2 x 1920GB (SSD)
Network 25 Gigabit

If EOS India is "elected" as Block Producer, two Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances will be running as full EOS nodes. In the event of a failure of the main BP node, the secondary BP node will act as a backup and will become the main node. Minimal downtime shall be the main priority in case of a full node failure.

Nodes 2x EC2 (x1.32xlarge)
vCPUs 128 Cores
Memory 2TB RAM
Storage (ipfs) 2 x 1920GB (SSD)
Network 25 Gigabit


Scaling Plan:
Each major Indian city will be expected to host an EOS full node which will be under the support of EOS India. Proper training of setting up & maintaining an EOS full node will be provided by EOS India. Once a city has proven they have the technical knowledge and bare metal hardware to provide support as a full node, their node will be added to the EOS India cluster BP and they will start to collect EOS Rewards.

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